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Seven Quick Takes (Volume 2)

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (Volume 2)

Joining Jen for another set of seven quick takes!

My first three takes are devoted to strange and hilarious occurrences from this week.


So earlier in the week, I randomly did a cartwheel in the middle of my living room (normal) and Ace, our puppy, freaked out barking. I think my graceful athleticism made him genuinely fear for his life. So obviously I just kept doing cartwheels over and over again.

This was me:


This take is dedicated to E-Mac.


After walking the dogs, we let them off their leashes in front of our apartment and they ran into each other head-on at full speed. The collision was audible from a good 40+ feet away. I guess this wasn't really funny at first but it is now. Our dogs are dumb.


This is the best one. 

We have these millipedes outside our apartment that keep getting inside somehow. (When you conjure up images of my fear of said millipedes, think scorpions. I haaate them.) Two had crept their way all the way to our dining room area. (!!!) I calmly picked them up and placed them outside. In other words, I shrieked at the top of my lungs and pleaded with Will to rescue our family and get rid of them. I promptly leave the room and continue getting ready for work. As I'm brushing my teeth I hear Will scream. I called out, "Everything okay?" He said, "I got bit!" Umm, okay. I dismiss it and continue what I'm doing for a few minutes. Later, Will comes into the room saying he's not feeling well. Something is wrong. He drops down to the floor and starts doing the worm. At 7:30 AM. In his underwear.

A Spiderman-esque story.

Or something like it. 


As promised, this week I posted a recipe and some photos.

If you would eat that, go check out the recipe TOMORROW! Trust me, you don't want to think about this on a Friday..... ugh....  my day is already ruined. Need.... protein....


We may be Pope-less, but we're not hopeless! I entered the Fantasy Conclave, picking Cardinal Turkson to be elected on the fourth day and to choose the name Paul VII. Then I did like five minutes of research and discovered that on the fourth day of the Conclave, there is no voting. This day of the Conclave is reserved for prayer and discussion.

I lose.

Don't say I didn't give you a head's up.

There's still time to make a "Sweet Sistine" Papal Bracket and ca$h in. Just in time for March Madness. The sports puns are just too easy. And good news, you won't go to hell for it, so get in the game.


Tomorrow we are going to Daytona Beach for the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash. If you aren't familiar, it involves: 

One dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, 2,400 calories, 5K run/walk, 1 hour time limit. This is the tradition that began among 10 friends at North Carolina State University and has grown to 8,000 runners and is now coming to Daytona Beach. Individual and Team Challengers will stop midway on a 5K course and consume 1 dozen doughnuts before returning to the finish line. This test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude will benefit the Children's Advocacy Center for Abused Children and their families. 

We are each running as individuals. That's a dozen doughnuts each. That's 2,400 empty calories all for me. But I strangely feel at peaceā€”I've been training my whole life for this after all.

Anything for the kids.


After the race, we are going boating. Happy there seems to be a cold front moving in. 



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