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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eat. Activity. Sleep.

Last week, baby Will got his days and nights mixed up. I was a sleep-deprived wreck, so I've been working on putting this kid into a routine. Eat. Activity. Sleep. Eat. Activity. Sleep. And so it goes. His naps can be pretty unpredictable in length, which basically paralyzes me with fear that I will begin something (like drinking a beautiful, steaming hot cup of coffee) and not be able to finish it because I'll have to abandon whatever I'm doing to try and soothe him back into his nap. That, and Daisy has this frightening new game where she picks up old, hard pieces of excrement from the back yard and plays keep away with them . . . in the house. These creatures, they keep me on my toes, I tell you. These are my excuses for the way my house looks right now at least. I already wrote a whole post about poop, so I'll spare you any more details.

During little man's "activity" time, I try and keep life pretty exciting for him. In other words, I like to dress him up and take pictures of him (though we did mix it up today to find Spot in the basket). I like to tell myself I do it for Will while he's away, so he doesn't miss any sweet moments of our growing boy. But really, I just enjoy it. "I like it. (Wink.) A lot." (Bachelooore finale reference!) I'm slowly coming to terms with that. Mom blogger. I'll just go ahead and embrace the moniker.

So remember when I told you about this piece that hangs in the nursery? My sister-in-law, Rachel, owns a screen printer and printed Will's grandfather's signature on a window pane to hang in baby Will's nursery.

Basically, it was the coolest, most creative, thoughtful gift ever. She's thinking about creating an online shop to sell children's clothes called Bullpin Apparel (and I hope custom art like the one above because holy cow - it's amazing), and she sent us a onesie. (If you don't understand the bull reference, then---shame on you---add Bull Durham to your Netflix queue right now.) I singlehandedly decided that #babybillybrez would model the onesie in an effort to create some buzz around the brand before it launches. My dozen(s) of loyal followers will take this thing right off. Big Momma D, I'm lookin' at you. 

Well, sleep time has expired, which means it's time to eat. I'm sure you'll have photographic evidence of our corresponding "activity" time. If not here, then on my over-worked Instagram page. Just keepin' it real.

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