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Two Months with Zelie

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Two Months with Zelie

Two months with Zelie outside of my belly. How ya like that?

I spent a half an hour Saturday buffing this girl's head in anticipation of these photos. Her cradle cap is on fleek. Her head looked great for these photos, but now it's Monday and it's already returning. 

Like her brother, she has a ridiculous amount of boogers. But she surpasses him in talent by sneezing them out all the time. I think her record is a good foot away of propulsion. Sometimes they just stick straight out so that I can snap a pic and send it to my mom who has a ghastly fear of snot. If I could just not have to suck anymore boogers out of anyone else's nose, that would be appreciated. The air is just so dry here this time of year. I'm hoping that there are in general less runny noses at our next duty station. It's plausible. 

Cheeks here sits at 12 lbs, 12 oz (81st percentile) and 22.5 inches (45th percentile). I was surprised to see that at this point, Little Will weighed more, being that she had almost a pound on him at birth. Same height though! She's just less of a blob. She likes to push up with her legs and she hates resting her head on anything. Unless she's laying flat. She has a total cone-head with a perfectly flat back thanks to it and the ultimate bald spot/mullet on the back of her head. 

She is more aware, making eye contact, giggling, and cooing. She really enjoys FaceTiming. She seems to be very observant and focused (as opposed to her brother who needed to be everywhere all at once all the time). Her tongue is sticking out a majority of the time, like in the pic above. 

Anddddd now for the Sleeps, Eats, Poops… shall we?


Still nursing on demand and it seems like she's able to go longer stretches between meals during the day, but I don't really know. I'm not keeping track! Her naps are getting longer and her nighttime sleep is fine, so I'm not hyperfocused on getting her into a routine like I was with Little Will. She is a quick nurser like her bro was and only takes one side per session right now. My supply seems to have regulated a lot quicker with her, so I'm not lopsided (!), but I still have pretty forceful letdown that causes her to cough and sputter a bit. Breastfeeding is still messy, plenty of leakage and spit-up, and boob diapers are life. 

We've offered her the bottle about four times in her life and she's never really taken to it. I'm not really worried about it because I have no plans to leave her. We'll keep trying though. 


With her newfound awareness of her surroundings, she is less and less able to sleep in arms, the car seat, or the rock n play downstairs. She can get a good nap in the Moby and her naps her crib have gotten better and better. In a typical day at home, she'll take at least one long (1 hr or more) nap in her crib, swaddled with the sound machine on. This morning she went two hours and it was awesome. She typically takes a pacifier to fall asleep during the day, but not always. She usually falls asleep pretty quickly, but sometimes I have to go back in a couple times for pacifier reinsertion. 

Night sleep hasn't changed much. She'll go a five or six hour stretch in the beginning of the night if I leave her be, and then usually up every three hours after that. She'll either go down for the night at 8-ish in her crib OR she'll refuse to fall asleep altogether and stay up with the adults until 10 or so. This girl can fight sleep pretty dang hard. If she's in her crib, I like to go in and get her around 10:30 for a dream feed and then keep her in our room the rest of the night. The couple times I've done this have worked out well for only one waking at about 3:30, then up for the day at 6:30. The past few nights though, I'm telling you, she wakes up a second time at 5:30 just to fart on me. I try to nurse her, but she's not all that interested. She just has gas. Then goes back to sleep until 6:30 when she'll nurse again. 

She generally falls back asleep pretty easily at night. If I've been up longer than thirty minutes, though, I very maturely and not whiney at all make Will get up and rock her back to sleep.


Z has the best pooper! She goes days without pooping. Usually she has a big diaper every three days or so. The trade-off is that her farts are THE WORST, seriously. And she farts on me all through the day (and night - see above), but I'd much rather change less poops. We go through a lot less diapers and obviously no rashes as a result. It took us FOREVER to get through a big box of Size 1 Huggies and just when we ran out (and she outgrew them), she had her two month shots in the thighs and screamed her head off when I put her in a cloth diaper. So I made Will go out and buy another big box of Size 2 Huggies and I'm guessing these will last a while, too. I'll try cloth again when those get low. But yeah, we might just stick with disposables since it's not really costing us much more. 

Time will tell, friends. Time will tell. 


And all about her birthday

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At February 22, 2016 at 4:42 PM , Blogger Amy Salisbury said...

She is so so so adorably cute! And is still looking like a nice middle between you and little Will (I think)
Anyway shes adorable and I am so glad she is not following in her brothers poopsteps

At February 22, 2016 at 4:49 PM , Blogger Theresa Breslin said...

It's a total game changer!

At February 22, 2016 at 5:16 PM , Blogger Hannah Gokie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At February 22, 2016 at 7:36 PM , Blogger Ellen Johnson said...

Hahaha! Gus would go days between poops and had killer farts too! He went through a phase when he was 4 months old when the farts were so unbelievably bad that I was really worried. He could clear a room! But he grew out of it. I mean, he's a man-baby, so he still has stinky farts, but not that bad!

At February 22, 2016 at 7:40 PM , Blogger Ellen Johnson said...

Oh! And, we also battled some tough cradle cap too! I highly recommend these two items (I still use the shampoo on Gus because it lasts forever and smells amazing!):

At February 22, 2016 at 10:08 PM , Blogger Theresa Breslin said...

Idk what happened to your comment, but I did NOT remove it! Infrequent poopers are the best!!!

At February 23, 2016 at 7:58 AM , Blogger Colleen said...

Are you burping her during those night feedings? When I had my 6th baby it was like I forgot that burping was a thing and then wondered why he was so gassy. You'd think I would have remembered after all those other kids! But I think at night, if you're tired and nursing in bed/falling asleep, it's very easy to not burp them properly and they will wake up fussy. Just my two cents, I want you to get more sleep :)


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