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Christmas 2015

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas! This will be the only card we're sending this year, a "virtual" one. Zelie is a whopping nine days old, still single digits, so I think I get a pass. 

If you think she looks traumatized in the pic above, please see the outtakes below . . .

Little Will rocked the same bow tie and suspenders as last year. And ALWAYS the cowboy boots. From sun up to sun down. Usually, but not always, on the correct feet. 

Zelie continues to be on the nice list (despite the breastfeeding woes, which I think are slowly improving).

I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Little Will was to open gifts this year. "If you sit still and show your teeth (i.e., smile), you get to open a present!" worked well for us. 

Books from Nana.

Just photoshop me in on the left.  Wouldn't mind some airbrushing either. But how perfect are these sweeties? Ugh! If there was ever a time for cliche sayings like "my heart is so full!!!!" this is it. This. Is. It.

We went to the Christmas vigil mass at 4:30pm again. AKA the most crowded, ridiculous mass evah! Of course, Zelie had a deadline to nurse again right at 4:30, so we got there early. Necessary anyway for Christmas mass, if you want to find a seat. We were extremely lucky to find seats in the pew, 30 minutes early!!, so I sat down and got to nursing with my cover. All was well until everyone stood for the entrance hymn and the curious six year old behind me stood up and could see down the cover…. Awkward. Am I a lactivist now?

We attempted family photos with the uncooperative toddler. 

Little Will was more "active" than usual, as they say, during mass. (I say, he be crazy.) Will already had to take him out of the pew, within the first five minutes actually, so they were walking around the back of the church when Father Jim called all the children to come sit on the steps leading up to the altar during the homily. Little Will walked straight up to the front, around all the kids and up the stairs to the side, and then ran back toward the tabernacle in the back of the church. I heard people laughing and then Will walking past everyone, but I didn't realize what had happened until I got the run-down afterward. 

This one. Keep an eye on him . . .

Even though he had some naughty behavior just before the big day, Santa came! The grandparents got most of the kids' gifts, with the exception of some peg dolls I got in a second exchange. Jima (my mom) came through with the BIG gift, the ginormous dune buggy Power Wheels car that took up half the living room. 

He was terrified of it. (I'm kind of terrified of it, too.) 

He warmed up to it eventually when he saw how much fun his stuffed animals had sitting in it, then he spent the rest of the morning sitting in it playing with his other new toys and eating cinnamon rolls off the coffee table. We even convinced him to take it for a spin, once up and down the driveway. But no more. Let's take it slow, okay? In his ripped jeans and cowboy boots, he was a bona fide Ricky Bobby doppleganger. 

My dad came to visit! He arrived late Christmas morning, bearing more gifts, of course. Not to mention it's been awesome having the extra set of hands. This morning, I got to sleep in, and when I got up, Will had already hit up the commissary and there was a pancake feast awaiting me! I ate it one-handed on the couch while nursing and eventually Little Will wandered in and started eating off my plate, but still a pretty amazing way to wake up in my opinion.

Last night, we went to our neighbor's for Christmas dinner after a last minute invitation. Thank goodness! I would have served Chinese food. Delivery of course. Instead we got to enjoy a delicious homemade meal! And no dishes! (We have the BEST neighbors.)

Currently typing right-handed, with Zelie in my lap, and a hoppy brew in my left hand, watching bowl games. We're about to watch the Redskins clinch a playoffs slot. And Chinese food is on its way. I'd say Christmas is off to a good start!



At December 28, 2015 at 4:27 AM , Blogger Amy Salisbury said...

Merry Christmas Theresa!!! You look amazing by the way, Airbushing my @$$... damn girl!!
Glad you are having a wonderful Feast, only 9 days left so keep at it!

At January 2, 2016 at 7:21 PM , Blogger Alyson Naville said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At January 2, 2016 at 7:22 PM , Blogger Alyson Naville said...

Love that he wore the same outfit, what a neat memory!


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