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Indian Summer

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Indian Summer

The last few days have seen me utterly absent from the Internet thanks to gorgeous Fall weather with highs in the 80s. Little Will and I are both over the sickies of the past three weeks, so we've been really milking these unseasonably warm Illinois days while they last. 

We've been spending most of Little Will's waking hours outside. And while I love a cute Fall outfit as much as the next basic blogger, I would never wish away this gorgeous weather. I prefer pants on my toddler to be optional at all times. 

Besides, you can STILL bake all the pumpkin treats even when it's 80 degrees and you are reluctantly cranking the A/C. 

"WOWWWWW," he said, upon stacking the measuring cups neatly. Also, belly button. 

These muffins (with plain water rather than milk because we were out; still delicious). These cookies (with less than a full cup of pumpkin and about 3/4 the full cup of granulated sugar; still delicious). 

Ever since reading St. John Paul the Great: His Five Loves, I've been a little obsessed with St. John Paul II. (Quick and dirty review: the book lacks a little flow. In other words, it's not all that well organized and could use some heavy editing. I think I heard it was thrown together quickly for St. JPII's canonization. BUT! I really enjoyed reading it and still highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about this legendary saint.) ANYWAY, after lots of prayers for a just outcome and merely a couple days after telling Will how much I REALLY REALLY LOVE St. JPII, we find out on his feast day: no more trial next month. I really think it was a sign he was looking out for me. Or not, fine, but I love him. 

I'm currently waiting for the word "GO" from Will on whether to start dinner. (Dinner #2 for me, don't worry). That's right, TDY is officially over in about ONE HOUR. Hence, all the baking. This TDY was okay. Still definitely preferred over fourth trimester TDYs. In fact, the first week was a breeze, the middle three weeks were pretty awful, but this past week of Indian summer was again pretty easygoing. I'm looking forward to lots of family time and bing able to cook a meal without this happening. 

Are we the only ones who hoard TV cables?

I won't hold my breath or anything. 



At October 26, 2015 at 11:04 AM , Blogger Hannah Gokie said...

NO! We have an entire box of TV cables/random cords in the basement. I keep asking David why we keep it and he mumbles some non-committal answer. But whenever I try to sneak it into the donate/trash pile he protests! :)


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