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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


You know what's my favorite? Spending an hour and a half of PRECIOUS PRECIOUS NAP TIME attempting/failing to fix a Wifi router. The fact that Will has been napping for over an hour is already a big win, so we'll just hunker down here next to the modem and see what we can tap out for you today as I ignore the periodic whimper from the baby monitor.

The big news 'round here is that Little Will has been fighting a cold. He was pretty pathetic over the weekend. We were in all out survival mode

Pulling into the church parking lot on Sunday. The agony of a ruined nap!

He was pretty out of it Saturday and Sunday, but ever since, it's really only been affecting his sleep. 5am wake ups and really short naps, same bedtime. Other than that, at least since Monday, he is basically his normal energetic self, just with extra phlegm. Don't ask him to wipe his nose with a tissue either. It's mom's legs, mom's belly, or mom's face only, please and thank you.

The lack of sleep has been pretty overwhelming for me. I was out like a light at 8pm last night, I'm proud to say. And meals over the weekend resembled:

Freakin' gourmet.

But I did manage to get some snuggles and smiles from the toddler-in-residence despite serving him non-meals.

Look at that squish face.

What's MOST interesting is that [husband] Will was also in survival mode over the weekend. Our lives are practically the same right now! (TDY countdown - we are HALFWAY through!)

Manly hiking.

Manly camp site food. 

He and two new SOS buddies went on a weekend camping trip at a campsite in Alabama. He was really excited because these guys were real outdoorsman types, SERES trained Air Force pilots. MILITARY GRADE. MUSCLES. MANLY MEN!

SERE stands for: 





I think Will went into it (or at least I did) thinking that they would kill their own food, wrestle mountain lions, etc. Come to find out they were most expertly Air Force trained in the escape part of the course. After a little rain made it difficult to start a fire Saturday morning, I get this snap:

They escaped right on over the their local Cracker Barrel. 

I don't know what Bear Grylls' reaction would be, but I'd say these guys are pretty well trained on the ins and outs of "survival mode." Well done, boys. Well done. 

One way or another, we're all just surviving!

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At October 7, 2015 at 2:52 PM , Blogger Amy Salisbury said...

Hahaha Bear Grylls probably makes bacon from boars be hunta in the forest. Gotta have bacon.
Hope little will is feeling better!

At October 7, 2015 at 4:07 PM , Blogger Hannah Gokie said...

Toddlers & colds are so funny - they have (at least in my limited experience) the same amount of energy, while when I have a cold I just want to sleep sleep sleep! Also, YES about the nose-wiping. Kate has chosen our new pristinely white comforter to draaaaag her face across every day about 100x since she got sick. :(


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