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TDY Cheaters

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TDY Cheaters

TDYs are the worst. TDY = Temporary Duty . . . one of the few military acronyms I actually know. I went to a neighborhood playdate with other military spouses and I was definitely the only mom who missed the memo with all the acronyms. 

Neither here nor there!

TDYs seem to be especially horrendous when they are more than two weeks. Something about remaining under the two week mark makes them much more reasonable. Will has been gone for a little over a week. For what it's worth, I'd 100 times over take a long TDY third trimester with a toddler (who's a good sleeper!) than fourth trimester with a newborn (who's a bad sleeper). Any day. But it's still been a rough go to spend all your waking hours with an irrational little human. 

Our demeanors, 65% of the time. PS - find us on snapchat: theresabreslin.
The TDY is one of the pinnacles of "motherhood martyrdom." I have yet to experience a deployment, but at least then you feel lots of concern and sympathy for your spouse, who will typically be working exceptionally long hours in uncomfortable quarters in dangerous locations, etc. etc. But the TDY. At least in my experience, it means short days of lectures/exercises, plenty of "team-building" (e.g., ultimate frisbee, barbecues, and drinks out) with various colleagues, and lots of Netflix streaming. And if you're lucky, an absurd amount of FaceTiming with your wife ;) It is really easy to let yourself feel resentful if you're not careful and grounded. By staying grounded I mean stress eating pumpkin muffins obviously.

But that's beside the point, because we're cheating this time. Yep, little Will is going to daycare all week. 

The Child Development Center (aka the CDC - sad choice of acronym) has hourly care available if a classroom slot is open. It's a fantastic option at only $5 per hour, plus it's an environment with which Will is already very familiar as it's where he went full-time from 12 months to 18 months old. I knew I would probably need this option if I wanted to get any work done from home. (I really did have more energy for it when Will was an infant - go figure.) So, I called the CDC on Friday to see if they had any open slots for the next two weeks and ...


But then later that day I got a call telling me that Monday and Tuesday had opened up. I just had to gather some new paperwork and he'd be all set.

And thennnn . . . 

Yesterday morning after dropping him off I get a call that the rest of the week had opened up. If I took the whole week I would only pay the discounted weekly rate.

Well, twist my arm whydoncha?

So, William is currently at daycare, as he will be tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. I am able to furiously bill hours and hopefully get this project out of the way before tackling trial prep for my pro bono case. (Oh, have I not mentioned that I have a federal pro bono trial scheduled for when I'm 35.5 weeks pregnant? No? Let me remedy that now. I have a federal trial for which I am sole counsel scheduled one month before my due date. Hooray!) And then after that maybe I can tackle prep for the next little human that will join our family. 

One thing at a time. 

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At September 29, 2015 at 10:25 AM , Blogger Hannah Gokie said...

Supermom you are! My work from home job is lots less stressful or brain-consuming than lawyering, I'm sure. Also if you want an (even easier!!) pumpkin muffin/cupcake recipe - just mix one jar pumpkin puree, one box spice cake mix, and one package chocolate chunks. Bake. Seriously it's that easy (no liquids even involved) and they are HEAVENLY. Yours are, umm, probably healthier. :)

At September 29, 2015 at 4:33 PM , Blogger Julia @ I Camp At The Ritz said...

I am going to move to St. Louis solely to send Will to the $5/hour daycare. For real. We're on the way. Freshen the guest room. ;) Also, glad to know that someone else enjoys committing themselves to insanity shortly before giving birth.

At September 30, 2015 at 8:06 AM , Blogger Ellen Johnson said...

Damn woman! Taking care of bidnezz!

At September 30, 2015 at 3:49 PM , Blogger Kallah said...

the Lawd provides, don't He! :)

At September 30, 2015 at 4:41 PM , Blogger Theresa Breslin said...

AMEN! PS - your Blogger account is not linked to your email, honayyy

At September 30, 2015 at 6:31 PM , Blogger Caitlin said...

Enjoy your week of childcare!! Hope it's spectacularly productive and somehow also restful.

Yep, I would have a super hard time not being resentful of TDY. Adam's company is really big on rewards of some kind after a project is completed. For Windows 10, they had a big party on campus with a private Mackelmore performance. Were spouses invited? Of course not :) One of our good friends works in the research division, which just launched Skype Translator. Lots of late nights and weekends of solo parenting their two toddlers for the wife. And then the big reward was an all-expenses paid long weekend in Vegas for the husband's team (aka even more solo parenting, ha ha!)

At October 2, 2015 at 1:58 PM , Blogger Anne B. said...

I feel like I have to type this really small since it's the first place on the internet where I've admitted it, but Isaac's been going to a 3 hour morning toddler program M-F this fall and it's been amazing, and I don't even have any hours I can call "bill-able." Sorry Will's sleep's been off, hopefully back to normal soon! (just read your 7QT in case you couldn't tell)


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