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A Long, Laborious Weekend

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Long, Laborious Weekend

In a good way, of course!

Will's bro and two-year-old nephew came into town for a couple days, so after some nakey time in the pool (obvz) we showed them all that St. Louis has to offer. At least what we could pack into two days with two toddlers in tow. 

This included:

1. Eckert's for some wagon-riding and apple picking. We got there as soon as it opened and beat the crowds… and slightly beat the deathly humidity. 

I'm guessing these ones were a little on the tart side. But I ensure you, the kids loved it!

2. Busch Stadium for the Cardinals vs. Cubs game. Ever been to a major league baseball game with two toddlers? What kind of life are you living!?

We played it pretty smart, in my opinion, and got standing room only seats. We knew that the kids wouldn't sit still for very long. Besides, it was really hot in the sun.

Count it as a victory that we only needed to go to the First Aid Station once! Little Will spent most of the afternoon running in circles around a pole until he got dizzy, causing himself to fall and hit the back of his head, necessitating ice. The EMT people were like, oh did he cry right away? Yes. Great, here's some ice. Just sign in and you can go. Alright then. 

Eventually, the Cubs scored so many runs that people started to go home, and some nice ladies gave us the tickets to their seats. So after the boys wore themselves out running around the stadium, we got to sit down for a couple of innings, which was nice. 

^^^Action shot.^^^ Just SLIGHTLY STRESSFUL.

3. St. Louis Zoo. I highly recommend getting to the zoo early on the Tuesday morning after a long three-day weekend. There was barely anyone there! It was awesome. 

Not pictured, all of us devouring:

4. Schlafly Bottleworks for lunch. 

5. Ted Drewe's custard for dessert. 

Hey, we earned those calories.


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