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Shots from Sunday: Swim, Bike, Run

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Shots from Sunday: Swim, Bike, Run

Sunday morning greeted us nice and early at 4:15 AM as we headed down to Key Biscayne for Will's second triathlon. We had a bunch of friends competing in this race so it was fun to see everyone and get together. I typically do not advocate such an early wakeup time but this sunrise was pretty spectacular.

What can we say, we are still rebelling against the triathlon machine so we refuse to invest in a decent road bike. Will still uses this hybrid Schwinn, and he will fly by you in your $7,500 road bike, too! 


Ahem, where was I? Will's heat was the first to head out. He did the international distance, which is about twice as long as everyone else who did the sprint. Glutton for pain.

This might be the greatest photo I have ever taken.
They changed the course last minute so the swimmers would be going with the current. This seemed to help Will's swim time immensely. Him finishing was not on my radar whatsoever, but I managed to accidentally snap this photo of him coming out of the water during a test shot.

"Captured!" Holla.

My camera was not ready whatsoever so it took a lot of editing for this final product. And it also kind of explains why his beard looks so red like he is a leprechaun swimmer. 

My friend Katie and I headed over to the bike transition area. Look who we finally spotted....

A real life astronaut! Wait, no, that's just David. You remember David?
Will was schwinning so hard he blew me a kiss.
We proceeded to the running area to watch all of our friends finish the race. 

Wow, looking comfortable there, David! Don't know how he does it.

This photo definitely wasn't taken an hour after he really finished his race.

Then came the newlyweds! It was both of their first triathlons. Yay Sweden!

Will brought up the rear. Behold the beard.

It's 90% natural. 

I must admit, I am jonesing to do a triathlon now. If I can find a bike to borrow, and, like, learn to swim, I am game. Watching all these crazies has at least motivated me for marathon training. I haven't pushed so hard on a run in a while like I did today! (More on that later, probably.)

Until next time, folks.

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