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Shots from this Weekend: Lazy Dogs & a St. Patty's Triathlon

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shots from this Weekend: Lazy Dogs & a St. Patty's Triathlon

Saturday was mostly spent around the house . . .

 . . . until Will and I decided we needed a date night.

Walking two puppies is always an adventure. Let me elaborate on that for you.


Will wanted to take a picture of me. He has no idea how to use our camera. So instead of a picture of me, we got a nice picture of this palm tree.

Such texture.

Don't worry. I eventually moved into focus.

Nailed it.
Today, we were up before the sun to see our friend David compete in a local triathlon.

It was such a gorgeous day!

David's first transition. The water looked pretty cold.

And they were long transitions.

I interrupt these triathlon photos to present to you the most Irish children ever to be seen on the streets of Fort Lauderdale on St. Patrick's Day. 

The cutest.

Papa, paparazzi.

Back to the race, I guess. 

Here's David's turn-around on the bike. People were wiping out all over the place. Not David! Didn't even need to practice.

What turn-around?

Meanwhile, this man wins the race. Very nice form. He runs with Chi.

This chihuahua was distracting. No collar and no leash. We think he belongs to this child but we're not sure. Either way, they make a very adorable pair.

Back to the triathlon? 

Aaaand he finishes! So happy I caught this finish. There were a ton of people in front of me and I could not see a thing. Luck of the [quarter to a half (?)] Irish!

I told you St. Patrick is Will's favorite. So he dressed the part.

After the race, we all headed to Coconuts because Katie loves Yelp! and Coconuts had the most stars. Yelp! did not lie. This place was the best.

Fried green tomatoes, Canadian bacon, and an egg over easy. 

Corned beef for Will.

Katie and I highly recommend the Bloody Mary's.

And it just wouldn't be St. Patty's without a Guinness.




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