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18 Weeks: The Big Reveal!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

18 Weeks: The Big Reveal!

On Saturday came the moment we'd been waiting for . . . Baby Brez's gender reveal party! We had an elective ultrasound at 4D Picture Perfect last Monday (best $39 we've ever spent and I highly recommend them) and had to wait five long days for the results.  

Our hostesses did an amazing job! (And thank you Daija for taking all the wonderfully blogable pics.) 

Pink or Blue? 

Filling out wishes for Baby Brez.

Kettle corn and sour gummies. YES. 
And . . .


Will's over-the-top excitement slightly indicated he was hoping for a boy maybe just a little more. ;)

And that crazy Pinterest-inspired cake? The small balls are chocolate and the large ones are gum balls. Cutting into it, I thought the cake might be filled with nuts to give away the gender (HAHA). Here is a behind-the-scenes of its construction. 

Thanks, Daija, for building us such a cool cake!

Aaaand, who's got a ding dong? 


After the long five day wait, we were so excited to be able to look at our ultrasound pictures again. We couldn't look at them because the "crotch-shot" was contained on the disk of images, and, let's just say, it's obvious. The ultrasound tech took some 3D shots for us even though we paid for the cheapest 2D package. I love these!

And for the classic 2D profile pictures . . .

He was very active during the ultrasound and I've been feeling him more and more since, not to mention I'm feeling ginormous. I was out of town last week, so I'm trying to get back into my eating/workout routine, but this guy is definitely growing.

We'll see you on the other side, baby Will!

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