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Fall is {Almost} Here!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall is {Almost} Here!

Even though there is no such thing as Fall in Florida, and it doesn't technically start until September 22, there are still signs of Fall everywhere. I'm not complaining. I will crank up the A/C, put on my Uggs and a scarf and pretend it's my favorite season. So today I'm linking up with Hallie to share some of my favorite parts of Fall.



Hellooo. This is a gimme. The NFL season kicks off tomorrow and I know I need not say more, but I will. I come from a long line of Washington Redskins fans and we know (just like every year) we are destined to take the Super Bowl home to D.C. RGIII will take us there (pictured above, looking legit, as usual).

Will is a huge Florida State Seminoles fan, and since I'm a good wife and their team colors don't clash with my burgundy and gold, I am all in. Jameis Winston's stellar debut Monday night is kind of the cherry on top. Daisy even has her own Seminoles jersey that we purchased last year. We'll continue to squeeze her into it for years to come.

(Don't worry. Ace has some sweet Skins gear.)



In a similar vein, fantasy football is here, which makes the NFL so much more fun to watch when the Skins or an NFC East rival aren't playing. I like to be a dark horse in my fantasy leagues so my tried and true fantasy team name is Down Set Hugs. No one suspects I am out for blood.



A few years ago I splurged on a really expensive pair of riding boots from Aldo (pictured above). I loved them more than is healthy from a mental health perspective. Then I moved to Florida. And I barely ever get to wear them. Luckily they are a timeless staple and I break them out any time the weather gets below 60 down here or when I'm traveling to more seasonable destinations. Let the trips home to Maryland begin!



I haven't checked out too many others' five favorite lists yet this week, but I'm sure this baby will make an appearance on quite a few. I have to limit myself to one per week, max, every week, for health and financial reasons. But boy do I love my grande soy pumpkin spice latte, two pumps, no whip. I feel like a total Starbucks hipsterbag when I order it, but that's fine by me.



Sadly, this is a seasonal favorite I won't be able to fully enjoy this year. I kind of pride myself on the fact that the only alcohol I've consumed all during this pregnancy is the Blood of Christ! And that definitely doesn't count. So, while I know it's safe to have a few sips of my favorite seasonal beer, I won't, because I'm stubborn like that. I will just have to watch Will enjoy his from afar. Basically anything pumpkin-flavored is fair game for this list, anyway. 



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