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Ethan's Third Birthday

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ethan's Third Birthday

Happy {Belated} Third Birthday to Will's godson, Ethan! 

Will's favorite birthday was his Jurassic Park themed birthday at the bowling alley. "I had a Jurassic Park cake and party stuff and I bowled a 300. Maybe, hehe!"- Will. I think Ethan's party gave Jurassic Park bowling alley party a run for its money. Will doubts it, but you can judge for yourself (totally unbiased and all) after seeing these snapshots from Ethan's party . . . . 

^^^Super hero theme.

I mean, there was a BOUNCE HOUSE. What kid doesn't dream of a party with a bounce house with all her friends, only taking breaks for cake and cookies?

^^^Even Will, child trapped in an adult's body, got in on the bounce house action. 

^^^Mad hops.

Nope, I sadly did not make it into the bounce house. I did, however, get bit by a vicious ant while I was snapping these pics. The bite still itches! I am expecting my superpowers to kick in any day now . . .  super ant strength, able to communicate with my mind, work nonstop and never sleep, etc. When it happens I probably won't share it on my blog in order to protect you. With great power comes great responsibility. (Oh, I killed this joke three sentences ago?) Taylor is not impressed:

Ethan seems okay with it, though. (He humors me.)

Next came gifts and singing happy birthday! We got Ethan The Action Bible. It was a super hero themed party after all. He is definitely too young to read the words, but it's never too early to introduce him to our favorite super hero of all, Jesus Christ.

^^^Big sister seemed very concerned about her little brother's ability to blow out the candles.
. . . He did just fine!

And was the cake yummy? I'll let the lil' guy himself answer that for you:


Happy Birthday!

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At August 20, 2013 at 9:38 AM , Blogger Daija said...

Great shots! He is too adorable!


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