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Monday, July 22, 2013

A New Brez to Blog

Serious Daisy has some important news to share.

What says, "This is serious business" more than this photo right here?

She finally got her wish. After years and years of dedicated training, I am officially eating for two. All those carb-loading sessions. It's not just for practice anymore. Meet our new addition, Baby Brez!

I guess now I can do the thing where I explain why I haven't updated my blog at all lately. I am TIRED. Boy, am I tired. I had all sorts of elaborate plans for how I would announce our pregnancy on the blog. Daisy's glamour shot was the best we could do. But at least we have outtakes!

I forgot to shut the bathroom door beforehand. And somebody forgot to put the seat down on the toilet.

Hmm... Over here.

Still over here.


Back to the pregnancy! We are just over nine weeks. Now I'd like to take you back to June 9, 2013. My dear sister (this sister: blogged about here, here, and here) calls me one Sunday afternoon to tell me she is pregnant! I was like, "Seriously?" To be honest, I was not expecting this call. Shannon is kind of a practical jokester, but lo and behold, she was serious! And I was SO EXCITED.

I come to find out Shannon was walking on egg shells when she told me the news because she knew Will and I had been trying to get pregnant with no success for a while. I had just finished my first (failed) round of Clomid and was kind of a crazy psycho afterwards. But who cared? Not me! I was ECSTATIC. A baby! A baby that I could kidnap and spoil and not have to face charges for it. God is good!

The next day, the 10th, my dad called and said, "Now we just need to get you pregnant!" (Um, "We?" How do you think this works, Dad?) Anyway, I wasn't entirely receptive to that comment. I was working on it. Sheesh :( sad face. No pressure. The following day, on the 11th, I had a really bad workout. At this point, I had started training for the Marine Corps Marathon, so I set out to do a high intensity circuit workout. Ten minutes in, however, I thought I was going to faint and had to leave the gym and sit down outside to recover. That was weird.

On the 12th, I got home from work and decided that I needed ALL THE CARBS, right that second. I think I ate like half a bag of Tostitos. A party-sized bag of Tostitos. All the carbs. I was P+10 (NFPers know what I'm saying) so I decided to test. I had one last cheap Wondfo pregnancy test so I thought, Why not? I asked Will if he thought it was okay---apparently husbands don't like when you use ten-plus pregnancy tests per month (what's it to ya, anyway? it's just money!)---and he said (paraphrasing), "Fine, whatever, you're weird."

You know where this is going . . . .

I swear I see a line. It's faint. Do you see it? Huh? Huh? Do you see it? Will wasn't sure. It definitely looked different from the dozens of tests I'd taken before. It would be too good to be true. Can it be? Like any good TTCer I had backup digital tests. By the time I dipped the second test, I was sure I saw a line on the Wondfo. "I don't even care what the digital says!" Will teased, “Oh if you don’t care then I’ll just take this!” and picked up the digital and pretended to run away. 

I snapped this photo to send to a friend: "TELL ME YOU SEE IT."

Okay, now looking at it I barely see it, but whatevah.

I was busy squinting at the Wondfo while Will watched the digital test blink . . . blink . . . blink:

No, I did not have the wherewithal to actually snap a photo of my blinking pregnancy test.

. . . blink . . . blink . . . blink . . .

The thing took forever. But eventually:

Will noticed it change before me. He screamed, "PREGNANT!!??!!" Thereafter was a victory celebration that rivaled the USA men's relay swim team at 2008 Beijing Olympics, but with more jumping up and down and less flexing. Actually, come to think of it, there may have been flexing. 

I made an ugly cry face like Dawson from Dawson’s creek.


Will says he made the Home Alone scream face.

I immediately called my sister and told her the news. It was too much. Our due dates are nine days apart.

My dearest niece or nephew on the left. My son or daughter on the right.

My cup runneth over! (And my mother is absolutely beside herself.)

And now back to my carbs. (Doctor's orders.)

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At July 22, 2013 at 10:43 PM , Blogger Erika said...

Oh my goodness, I am so incredibly happy for you!! This post made my night :)

At July 26, 2013 at 6:42 PM , Blogger The Sojourner said...

"I was ECSTATIC. A baby! A baby that I could kidnap and spoil and not have to face charges for it."

Funniest. Line. Ever. It took 4 rounds of Clomid to get my current tenant, so I feel you there. Off to read all your archives now...

(I came over from Quick Takes.)

At July 27, 2013 at 2:57 PM , Blogger Theresa said...

Wow, I don't know if I could have survived four rounds. But I personified the term "Clomid crazies"!! Congrats on your new tenant!

At July 30, 2013 at 8:54 PM , Blogger Daija said...

This post made me teary! Love you, T!! So happy!

At August 9, 2013 at 2:34 PM , Anonymous Jeanne G. said...

Your ultrasound picture is awesome. When I was that far along, I got a picture with two lumpy blobs on it. Yours looks like a little fat baby surrounded by glowing light. What a blessing!


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