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Shots from Yesterday: Carolina Livin'

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shots from Yesterday: Carolina Livin'

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby daddy and most favorite person in the world, Will Brez!

Side bar: It's really no wonder we fell in love. That duck he is clinging to for dear life happens to have the same hair-do as his future wife. 

That is no coincidence. 

Will we have cute babies? I question it. . . . Moving along . . .

He is currently dominating the North Carolina bar exam for the second day in a row! His relief and excitement with finally being done the exam must be the greatest birthday gift of all. 

Will and I went to college in North Carolina and I must say we are still very much in love with the state. The Cheerwine and the barbecue. The rolling hills covered in actual foliage. Four distinct seasons per year. All of the above. I was actually able to run outside for the first time in months since the heat is not stifling in the morning hours like it is you-know-where. (Yeah, it's the equiv of Voldemort.) The people here are actually friendly and helpful. It's like visiting another country.

Will's brother and sister-in-law live here in NC so we were able to stay and visit with them during our trip. They are the best and have the smartest most cutest daughter ever, that just loves her uncle Will. (By the way, sorry in advance for eating all your Cheetos.)

Birthday kisses. 

As my Aunt Jodie Lou would say, "STOP THE MADNESS. I CAN'T TAKE IT."

They have a chicken pen in the back yard, providing not only fresh eggs every day but adorable photo ops. Like I said in my last post, I am in love with f/1.8 and I no I will not apologize for it. 

"Say cheese! . . . No? . . . Okay."

After visiting with the chicks, Will got to check out out the playhouse he painstakingly assembled during our last trip to NC.

"Show me where the black widows are!"
It has a kitchen and a working doorbell and you know you're kind of jealous.

Now I need to stop eating Cheetos and figure out a birthday gift for Will!

Until next time,


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