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Shots from Saturday: Juno Beach

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shots from Saturday: Juno Beach

I mentioned previously how I drove Will up north to his last bar licensing test and met up with Daija, who I know from law school and work (though not for much longer! - mixed feelings here). We met in Juno Beach first for a huge, delicious "earlybird" breakfast. (Indeed, we were the only people under the age of 50 in the diner. Gotta love Florida.)

Daija recently purchased a dSLR in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Ireland (jealous times a thou'!!) and we went to walk off our huge breakfasts on the beach, cameras in hand. We'd planned on our excursion lasting the entirety of Will's two hour exam, but Mother Nature poopooed our plans by way of 8 million degree weather at 9 in the morning on the Florida coast with nary a breeze.
In all my infinite camera wisdom (oh, did I say infinite? I meant 6 months' experience) I showed Daija how to work her camera in aperture mode. Basically a life changer from those days in Auto. My shots from the day are below, and whenever Daija makes her blog public I will link to her photos as well. (Can I express my disdain for the private page enough??? DAIJAAA???)
^^^Rumor has it Tiger Woods' ex-wife bought a unit to the left for a beach pad.

^^^Not my footprint.

Not too many shots were taken in the heat of the Florida summer. We spent the rest of the morning watching nature shows in the sweet sweet air conditioning of Daija's condo.
Go figure.

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