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24 Weeks

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

24 Weeks

Happy Viability Day, Baby Brez! He's the size of a cantaloupe now and stands a reasonable chance of survival outside of the womb. At only 24 weeks/6 months! We've been calling him Belly since that's all we know of him and it's kind of like Billy, the nickname for William we are leaning toward (still playing around with options, e.g., Will, Willy, Liam, Billy, Billiam, Willow, Wilhelmina). 

Linking up with FLAP! T-Shirt - Target, Jeans - Old Navy Maternity, Shoes - Toms, Headband - World Market (my new fave place - they have Cheerwine in glass bottles). I realize that at any given moment, especially in maternity clothes, there is a 99% chance I am wearing an article of clothing from Target.

Let's talk about the Blanqi. Still loving it. I always thought that maternity jeans with the full belly panel would have no problem staying up once you get bigger. (I'm officially categorizing myself as "bigger," FYI.) Well, that's definitely not the case. They slide down like crazy and it's so annoying. Enter (again) the Blanqi. I heart you. The Blanqi and maternity jeans are perfect counter-friction foes and hold each other down and up, respectively. 

Overall Weight Gain: At my appointment last week, I was at 19 pounds gained. Normal people probably wouldn't be too excited about this number, but remember I gained 7 pounds during the first trimester curbing nausea with all-day carb-grazing, so I am pretty thrilled to be under 20 pounds at this point! Will and I celebrated in style with all-you-can-eat Olive Garden salads after the appointment. (And breadsticks, too, fine.) Olive Garden and Target. We fancy.

Exercise: SO. MUCH. WALKING. And not much else. Long walks on the beach (serious) and walks with the dogs. A trip to the beach even warranted a few minutes of jogging. Just like Baywatch, sans red floaty, swimsuit, and glorious toned beach bod. 

But how cute are my little water dogs? 

Cravings: An ice cold fountain Coca Cola (indulged) and a heaping glass of red wine (not indulged). Weird because I've never been a huge wine drinker. 

Strange Observations:
  • The nosebleeds continue. They weren't so bad for a while, but maybe it was the trip to Maryland and the dry air, but since our return to Florida, I've had several gushers.
  • At the end of the first tri/beginning of second tri, I was complaining that kneeling at Mass would make me really dizzy. Now it feels amazing. It must be opening my hips or something.
  • Belly's movements are becoming much stronger and more---how do I say this?---human-like. Instead of quick abbreviated punches, I imagine him naked breakdancing inside of me like this:

Bump Comparison Time:

My sister this past Monday at 24 weeks. Who wore it better?

Just kidding. Please don't answer that.

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At November 4, 2013 at 2:20 PM , Blogger Elizabeth said...

Haha. Both beautiful bumps!

At November 7, 2013 at 8:06 PM , Blogger Big Momma D said...

My gpuppies and gbabies are gettin BIG :)

At November 10, 2013 at 6:53 AM , Blogger Erika said...

Ok I feel better because kneeling at church has been making me REALLY dizzy!! To the point where I had to sit down at mass because I thought I was going to keel over haha. Must just be a first/early second trimester thing. Also my mother--in-law got me a couple of those Target long-sleeve tees, they're great but I'll be waiting to wear them until my belly pops out a little more (right now I feel like it just looks I got fatter haha).


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