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22 Weeks

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

22 Weeks

So the government decided to shut down and I thought, why not partake? And just like that a blog furlough commences. Joking aside, we've been very busy the past couple weeks. But do not fret, we have bumpdates galore. 

At 20 weeks, Baby Brez was the size of a banana, and then he became a pomegranate, but now he's the size of a papaya! I'd never seen a papaya before, but I spotted some at Publix and they were pretty huge. 

21 Weeks: 

The four of us were headed out to watch the Redskins lose, as we enjoy doing on Sundays, and sometimes Mondays. Here is the Shanimal on the same day:

BTW, happy birthday Shanna Banana!!!

Aaaand 22.5 Weeks (taken yesterday):

Those astute readers will notice the change in scenery/climate between the two photos. Yep, we took to I-95 and came up to Maryland to stay with my parents for a short visit.

"We love riding in the car!"

Surprisingly, our dogs are rock stars in the car. They just sleep and look out the window the whole time. It makes 14-hour road trips doable, and it makes dorky pictures of said road trips doable. (I'll stop using the word doable now.)

Total Weight Gain: Yes. I've gained almost 20 pounds so far. Wondering what 19 pounds over 19 weeks looks like? This:


Wondering what 1,404 weeks (ex utero) versus 23 weeks (in utero) looks like? This:

Will 1 (left) & Will 2 (right)

Exercise: I've been doing lots of walking with the dogs, squats (motivated by my first pee-sneeze about a week ago - WOW), and even some wogging (mostly walking with light jogging mixed in). Nothing too exciting.

  • The kid is a rager. He is moving around a lot and getting stronger and stronger! We can now see and feel the kicks from the outside, and I think we have an active one. Maybe he'll be a great athlete (before he becomes a pilot and then enters the seminary, obvi).
  • Strangers officially have no problem pinpointing my gestational situation and asking me all sorts of questions. "When are you due?" "Is it a boy or a girl?" etc. and offering all sorts of information about their own children! I love it! People are definitely a lot nicer to the pregnant lady.
  • We are out of our apartment now and livin' on the streets! Just kidding, sort of. We put our belongings in storage and are crashing with our parents until Will goes active duty, whenever that will be. We were originally told November 1 (ha!), but we still have no base assignment (government bureaucracy at its finest), so who knows. Our lack of nest hasn't stopped me from nesting . . . . We recently purchased this crib (mostly with gift cards - thanks Nan and Ned!): 

I always wanted a white crib, but I figured this one was a little more fun and unique. Plus it had great reviews and was ohhhh $100+ cheaper than the white crib we were considering. I love that we'll have it ready to set up in our new place right when we move. We are doing a a vintage airplane-themed nursery (I am thinking something like this). I picked this for the main fabric of William's quilt that Will's mom is going to make:

We already have a ton of Air Force stuff (flight maps, airplane art, and a really cool model plane) to use in the nursery accumulated by the fam over the years, so it's an easy theme.
  • My mom also gave us a ton of baby stuff she got second-hand, though most of it is new. (Thank you, Big Momma D!) Let's just see how much stuff we can accumulate and fit into our storage space . . . . 
Now that we are back on track and up to date on current events, I'll be sure to update more often! We have fun stuff planned here in Maryland and my camera is charged and ready. 

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