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Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louis

If you've been anywhere in my vicinity in the past two months, you've probably heard me whining, wondering, speculating where on Earth we'd be living for the next two years. I try to keep this blog a happy, cheerful space, where dogs can wear spectacles and I can discuss every minute detail of my pregnancy. As a result, I've failed to update the blog regarding the saga that is the first base assignment. The drought ends now. 

The story starts ages and ages ago. It was some time in early September when Will notified JAG headquarters that he had passed all legal licensing requirements and was good to go active duty. He was told he probably wouldn't go active duty until November 1, and as we were thinking he would go active duty in October, we were a little disappointed. (Ha!) My last day of clerking was August 30, so we were both rearin' and ready to move out of South Florida and get this military lifestyle show on the road.

Then there was some dragging of feet. . . . Then there was a government shutdown. . . . We moved out of our apartment, put our belongings in storage, and became traveling gypsies. (Okay, we've basically been living with Will's parents, but I prefer the term "extended stay.") November 1 of course came and passed. As did November 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, not just without Will going active duty, but with no news of even where we would end up. I was getting pretty anxious about where I would be giving birth to this baby. Will was just anxious in general from sitting on our hands for so long. Things were getting a little hairy after being told over and over for weeks that base assignment news was imminent. Finally, on Wednesday we finally found out where we will be living the next two years!

St. Louis, here we come. 

(And we'll be there sooner than we thought.)


Will is actually assigned to Scott AFB in Illinois, just east of St. Louis. We don't know yet if we'll be living on-base or off, or how long it will take to find a place to live, but we do know that we will get to enjoy Thanksgiving with our family and should be nice and settled in before the Christmas holiday. Praise. The. Lord.

There is some slightly bad news. Will must go to JASOC (JAG training) in Alabama from February 18 to April 18. Our due date is February 19. But it's fiiiine, right? I hear the first two months are the easiest, right? RIGHT?! I'm sure Daisy and Ace will do more than enough to help me take care of the baby!

It really will be okay. We knew this JAG School timeline was a strong possibility and the grandmas are already lining up their trips to St. Louis. I also have a cousin in the St. Louis area who will help out as much as she can. Oh, and I also hear that babies can come early? (Pretty please? My momma never delivered past her due date, so . . . fingers crossed.) And Will should be able to come home for a few weekends over the two month training. 

So you know what? We are looking forward to life in the midwest! Four distinct seasons? Count us in. (We know it's cold there, but you know what? 90 degree weather in November ain't no picnic either!) As some people say, midwest is best. Boots and scarves be mine.

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At November 8, 2013 at 7:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh snap! Liam came two weeks early (God bless him). Walk up lots of stairs every day (so go visit your sister again!). And do lots of squats. And sit on an exercise ball and "roll" him out. And eat omelets. And stand on your head while eating applesauce! I think Baby Brez will come before Will leaves though. God's sense of humor is kind of strange, but hopefully not THAT strange. :) (P.S. All of the above except the head standing and applesauce worked for me!)

At November 9, 2013 at 11:55 AM , Blogger Theresa said...

I will be sure to try ALL of the above (though I will probably need some assistance getting to stand on my head).

At November 9, 2013 at 2:11 PM , Blogger Erika said...

St. Louis is a fun city!! I'm actually interviewing at the OB residency there next week :) Sorry that your husband is going to be gone when the baby's so little. My sister-in-law had a similar situation with my brother being gone (he went to West Point and is active duty now). It was tough but she did wonderfully.

At November 12, 2013 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Big Momma D said...

Hahaha all great suggestions! How do you know it wasn't the applesauce?!


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