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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cheers to Health

It's so good to be home.

My dad was here for one day, and in that single day, he mowed our lawn, detailed our car (I'm talking washed, vacuumed, and scrubbed inside and out!), and even did some laundry. That guy does not sit still. Both of my parents are like that, actually. (Remember when my mom ran a marathon?) They seem to have endless, boundless energy during the day, unable to sit still and having to stay occupied lest they just explode.

I think that quality skipped a generation. Little Will seems to have it:

Exhibit A. Will shows off his new favorite activity of screaming at the top of his lungs.

Me? Pass the coffee, please. Like, I may go momma bear on you, but you can say I have the energy of a hibernating momma bear. 

(Pause to yawn.)

Speaking of coffee, when my Duggars finished playing on the DVR, the Dr. Oz program was showing a segment on addiction. Not just any addiction. Coffee addiction. I am only drinking about 4 cups per day right now, which is good for me, but when I stop, I definitely go through withdrawals. Dr. Oz says this is a sign of addiction. When I got pregnant with Will, I went from drinking 6+ cups per day to 0 cups per day, and I am pretty sure my "morning sickness" was actually caffeine withdrawals. We'll never know. 

Fascinating stuff.

So, I'm on a health kick right now, trying to eat better. I think I've mentioned before that my mom is a super crunchy, hippie propaganda pusher. Seriously, when I visit her house, she sneak attacks my eczema patches with coconut oil laced with lavender oil. She finally convinced me to give up dairy and go low(er) carb to see if it helps with my skin issues and overall well-being. "It all originates from the gut!"she says. I don't know. But almond milk! Not so bad.

Oh, and remember the marathon Will and I were going to run on Sunday? I've been kicking myself for weeks because I keep meaning to mention it, but I kept forgetting. You see, what happened was . . . of course, the Air Force decided to send Will away for the two weeks leading up to the marathon (he returns tomorrow night, late) and for the four days immediately following, so travel-wise it was just not happening. We did a 13-hour drive on Wednesday, Will would have driven 9 hours on Friday night, Saturday would have been a 6 hour drive, followed by a casual 26.2 MILE RUN ON SUNDAY MORNING, and a 6 hour drive back on Sunday afternoon with post-marathon seizing limbs.

We are crazy, but we aren't that crazy. 

Don't get me wrong. I was at the point where I was looking for every excuse to get out of it. I kind of pooped out at 12 milers anyway. Which just so happens to be when DEATH SUMMER fell upon St. Louis. 

But guess what this means. Now we get to go to the Air Force Ball! Getting all fancy schmancy twice in one month might just get to my head. Fashion blogging, here I come!!!! (Side Note: Boyfriend jeans. I bought some. Best decision ever.) J/K. But I'm planning on wearing this dress that I wore as a bridesmaid in my law school friend's wedding. I should probs drop a Hail Mary or seven for God's favor that it zips over the new post-baby bosom. 

I don't know how to wrap this up other than to say that little Will is beckoning me from his crib, so I must be going. His two bottom teeth finally popped through and he seems to have contracted a little bug, possibly from those 5 straight hours he spent screaming in his carseat during our trip home. I still have the itsy bitsy spider song stuck in my head. Where it will be on repeat forever and ever. 

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At September 19, 2014 at 1:29 PM , Blogger Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

My parents are awesome when they come to visit too. They helped me sod our yard in Monterey! Ohhh, and I can't wait to see pictures from the Air Force Ball! We have the Navy Ball next month. I'm renting a dress from Rent the Runway. I'm hoping that it looks as good on me as it looks on all of the people in the pictures online! If not, I've got backups in my closet!

At September 19, 2014 at 5:14 PM , Blogger Rosie said...

I was a pretty terrible eater before our oldest started on solids - I still eat rather too much junk, but I've found the more kids we have and the older we get, the better I eat because I have to feed THEM well, and if I have junk around then it means I have to share with them!

No joke, I let the oldest two try straight coffee grounds to convince them that they didn't want my sugary sugary coffee drink, and somehow they liked it... Mom of the Year over here.


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