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26 Weeks & A Baby Shower

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Monday, November 18, 2013

26 Weeks & A Baby Shower

At 26 weeks, William is the size of a head of lettuce (yum) and is now around 2 pounds. (Source.) Keep fattening up, baby! I am being a good mother leading by example and showing you how it's done. I am feeling much better overall this week---the back pain is much improved!!!--- and things are just chugging along. Now that we have Will's orders and our move to Illinois is imminent, the time is just flying by. (Pun intended: see below.)

Yesterday, my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law threw me a small baby shower with, like William's nursery, an airplane theme. So how amazing are these invites from Etsy? 

Without further ado, some photos of the shower:

^^^The lovely hostesses.

This cake was amazing. It's actually pumpkin cheesecake. And check out that creepy baby hanging from the airplane, floating in the icing clouds.

It's the eyes.

^^^A pretty impressive spread.

^^^Nan got crafty!

There was a lot of posing with pastries (and eating of pastries).


We also played a game where you sniffed baby food and had to guess the ingredients. The winner picked an impressive 7 out of 10! I got only got one correct, the only green one that smelled of my favorite veggie ever, peas. I think I came in last.

A sincere thank you to everyone for such a wonderful shower! 

Back to our regular scheduled programming next Sunday, where I tell you about how Will keeps complaining he's fat and out of shape . . . . Meanwhile, I'm enormous. Oh wait, I guess I just told you the whole story. Rookie move, Lt. Brez. Rookie move!

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At November 19, 2013 at 10:58 AM , Blogger Big Momma D said...

I'm so sad I missed your shower. Everything looked amazing! Kudos Nan and Gail!!! I can't wait to visit the new house and decorate!!!!!! I love exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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