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Friday, January 17, 2014

Life Lately (7QTs)

Linking up with Jen today . . . 

1. Wondering what I've been up to lately? Allow this Daisy photo series to demonstrate:

To summarize, I've been a lazy, tired, much less comfortable-looking blob. So so blobby. I haven't been sleeping well at all, which leads to lots of napping/dozing off on the couch. Just trying to follow everyone's advice for things to do before baby: take naps, go to the movies, treat yo'self! Will surprise scheduled me for a prenatal massage yesterday and it was the best.thing.ever. Except that now I need one every day. He's awakened a beast, a massage-loving beast.

2. All those pictures of Daisy are from the past couple of weeks, taken at different times, sometimes in different locations, indicating two things - that one, I take too many pictures of Daisy, and two, Daisy is weird. #thingswealreadyknew 

3. We are planning on finishing the nursery this weekend, but how about another sneak peek? (Can you tell I just want it to be done so I can share everything?)

Here is the last preview . . . 

And now! . . . 

Yep, Daisy's back. She loves the nursery and thinks it's her room. Nope. The rug was a steal on (the price actually went up in this link) and I loveeee it. We needed more red to brighten things up.

4. We are having guests over this weekend for the first time! My little brother is in town with my stepmom and her parents for a family reunion in St. Louis. We finally bought chairs for our dining room table for the occasion:

(Yeah, that's a high chair in the lefthand corner. We're overly excited first time parents up in here.) Can we talk about these gorgeous fabric chairs?

World Market does it again (for half off I might add). I thought I had it bad for the dining room table a la "you got it you got it bad!" - URSHER (I'll stop), but I've never been so in love with a piece of furniture. I think Will would say the same about his big screen TV. You know, to each his own. The other four chairs are from Target, by the way (can't find a link). We wanted to do a bench on one side, thinking it would be cheaper, but alas it was not (Craigslist around here is not impressive!).

No more rocking chair in the dining room.

The end of an era.

5. On the menu . . . Pioneer Woman's perfect pot roast (so delicious and easy - highly recommended!):

Yes, I've made it a couple times already . . . within the past month.

And, since Daisy's birthday is coming up, what's up Swiss Chocolate Cake?

Last year. An excuse to eat cake is an excuse to eat cake.
If I get crazyyyy, I may make this coffee cake that Ana shared for Monday morning. Or we can just polish off the Swiss Chocolate Cake. Either way, we'll be all healthy-like and I will be a very happy, satiated blob.

6. Can I make it through a take without mentioning Daisy or without a picture of Daisy? Here's a cute picture of the boys, lest you think I'm playing favorites:

We were told when we got Ace that he was a Weimeraner/flat-coat retriever mix, which had us skeptical because he is small, under 40 pounds, has a curly tail, and generally looks like neither of those breeds. He did look very labby when he was a puppy:

And his tail was straight.

And now it is not.

Anyway, at the vet this week, his file was officially changed from Weimeraner mix to greyhound mix. Quite the shift. Of course, I'm like "naturally!" but Will just finds it to be hilarious. The lesson here, when adopting puppies: caveat emptor. You really never know what you will end up with. I am one who appreciates the element of surprise.

7. Finally, let's talk about things I can't wait to do once I'm not pregnant anymore:

  • Sleep on my back and/or stomach
  • Go running
  • Walk the dogs without fear of losing my life
  • Put shoes/pants on without grunting (even though Will finds it to be sooo attractive)
  • Drink black coffee again
  • Try all the beers Will has been brewing (He's bottling the IPA today and will start a Chocolate Maple Porter and then a Jalepeno Saison - I don't even know what those are but I still want them in my belly)
  • Hang out with my new bestie, Billy Brez, and bombard you with pictures of him instead of Daisy
That's it! Sorry I just wasted your life with this post. Have a great weekend. Daija, I promise there will be a 35 week bumpdate this weekend! It will be okayyyy.

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At January 17, 2014 at 2:23 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

1) I want Daisy.
2) #lovethebloghashtag
3) Liam totes approves of the Crucifix above the crib.
4) The rocking chair made me laugh out loud.
5) I heart cake.
6) The shelter told us Maeve was a full-bred Rottweiler. They must've missed the white patches on her chest and the very Doberman body... The vet laughed at her records when we took her in.
7) For all the mess that post-partum can be, it's so much better than being pregnant! Whoo-hoo! Not much longer!
8) You never waste time with posts. You share laughter and cute dog pictures that make me covet your dog.

At January 17, 2014 at 3:18 PM , Blogger Janine Doyle said...

I'm seriously jealous of your awesome high chair that you're cavalier enough not to brag about.

At January 17, 2014 at 5:40 PM , Blogger Theresa said...

Haha, on the contrary, I am embarrassed you can see it in the pic, when my unborn child clearly won't be using it for at least, oh I dunno, 7 months. But it is a sweet high chair. (I mean, I think... Never really used it...) And ten points for huge Catholic families --- I can always count on at least one of dad's 7 sisters to come through big on the baby gift front ;)

At January 18, 2014 at 1:44 PM , Blogger Daija said...

Anxiously waiting for the bumpdate!


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