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Most Popular Posts of 2013

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2013

Keeping with the spirit of reminiscing a year gone by . . . though I didn't blog for quite the whole year, I thought it would be fun to recap my most popular posts, especially for those of you who have recently started following along or just found out I had a blog (sorry real life friends! I am not a blog pusher). Most of these are my personal favorite posts anyway, so have at it.

1 - Whitehead Wedding: I became the impromptu wedding photographer at my sister's courthouse wedding and this post has the most views by a landslide. Everyone loves a wedding, and everyone and their mother and their cat loves an Annapolis wedding. 

I suppose most of the views came from family members, though, especially being as I haven't really shared my blog with any family members (yet!). It's true. My dad has no idea I blog. (And I'm sure he would disapprove of all the personal details shared!)

Especially when the details involve him

2 - 13 Weeks: My first "bumpdate" (or lack thereof) post. This image gets a ton of google hits.

Because early pregnancy makes people crazy.

3 - Natural Family Planning: Words are Hard: People who know me know that I am kind of obsessed with this Catholic thing called NFP and Theology of the Body. So this is hands down my favorite post in terms of writing. At the time we were struggling to get pregnant and I felt defensive about the fact that Will and I had been married for three years with no baby yet, even though it wasn't a matter of whether we had a "serious reason" for postponing children. I still felt defensive of the postponing community, since I wasn't comfortable sharing details of our "TTC journey". Thus, this post.

4 - A New Brez to Blog: It wasn't long anyway that we were announcing our pregnancy! The story is just too good, people, too good. 

5 - 30 Weeks: Like I've said before, everyone secretly loves a bumpdate. Especially when the bump looks like this . . . 

6 - Seven Quick Takes (Volume 1): My first real post! The only reason this is in the top 10 is because it's the only blog post I've ever shared on my Facebook wall, and I guess people were curious. Nothing groundbreaking here.

7 - DOMA & Respectful Argument: I wrote this post after much frustration hearing both sides of the gay marriage issue. Just poo-pooing both sides for some ignorant comments and throwing conventional wisdom at them to make myself feel better.

8 - Proud Tiger Wife Presents: United States Air Force Commissioning: This post contains some of my favorite photography. The setting of Will's commissioning was pretty spectacular. I think lots of curious ROTC hopefuls find their way to this piece via google.

9 - 18 Weeks: The Big Reveal!: It's a boy! Such a fun recap of an amazing gender reveal party put on by some awesome friends of ours.

10 - 25 Weeks: Just a random bumpdate. But I think Will's blogger pose drew in quite an audience.

So there you have it, the 10 most popular posts of 2013 this blog. 

One of my New Year's Revolutions (besides eating things that are bad for me a la the AT&T commercial) is to get back to the initial reason I started blogging, to share photography and work on my creative writing. Although pregnancy updates are fun and easy to write, they aren't necessarily the reason I started this little hobby. They've taken over. Let's add some more variation here. 

I'm unemployed (for now, for now) - I have no excuses. 

I hope you will join me in the revolt. 

Here's to '14.

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