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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Favorites

For this week's installment of Five Favorites with the lovely Hallie, I decided to mix things up and allow my husband, Will Brez, to designate his own five faves. 

What can I say? I like taking risks.

Here goes. . . .

1. Having a Mechanic Buddy

Will's friend from ROTC is a mechanic and installed new brakes and tires on our car at a substantial discount. Keep your friends close and your mechanic friends closer.

I approve this favorite!

2. Jesse Pinkman, Yo!

Will is really into the show Breaking Bad right now. He even fills me in on the episodes he watches without me. We're on Season 4. I found it hard to keep up with the show because I generally disliked everyone and couldn't find a character to root for. (Same reason we stopped watching Mad Men.) 

Well I guess I'm rooting for Pinkman, too, yo! I think I  may actually prefer Hank's character right now but I mean Walter White just needs to chill. 


3. Ace Jumping on the Bed 

He's known to have this crazy look in his eyes from time to time.
Don't come near me.
Let alone jump on my bed.

Ace jumped up onto our bed for the first time ever yesterday. This is definitely NOT my favorite, but Will says, "What? He's got hops!" Okay, we'll give it to you, Ace. Just this once.

4. Fifty-Two Days Until Commissioning!


5. Groupon/Living Social Deals

"They're on a hot streak." Will recently got this touchscreen watch for $30. (I think they were trying to move this inventory because Lance Armstrong is all over the packaging. Oops.)

We also purchased a Sam's Club membership and an oil change for our truck, which is usually pretty pricey.

And those are Will's five favorite things this week.

That wasn't so bad!



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