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Week One Training Update & Half Marathon Race Goal

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week One Training Update & Half Marathon Race Goal

As discussed in a previous post, I want to get faster, stronger, and feel better about my binge eating self, so I'm running a half marathon in June. Training officially started last week and I figure the best way for me to stay on track with it is to declare right here in the blogosphere that I have a particular goal in mind:


There, I said it. Thirteen-point-one miles in one hour and fifty minutes. Or about an 8:24 minutes per mile pace. Ahhh. I can barely run three miles at that pace! - Brain 

Let me explain (if only for my own edification).

My previous PR is 1:53:32, 8:40/M. I ran this at the Key Biscayne Half Marathon in April 2012. I must note that this half has been moved out to Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, and in an effort to keep the KB (Key Biscayne) logo, is now called the "Keep Believin'" Half Marathon. I find this funny.

Anyway, there are a number of reasons why I think I can do better. It was three months after I ran the full Miami marathon, but I think I only had one run between the two races. (I was busy, ok?) 

To make matters worse, conditions for this race were really bad. Like, there was a freakin' monsoon, as evidenced by this series of 'grams.

Oh, and not to mention heading up and over the Rickenbacker Causeway twice

Will was padding his resume for his Best Husband Ever Award and biked alongside me practically the whole race. 

The torture wrapped up with some windy/weird/annoying/not fun trails.

So my point is, if I work hard enough, I think I can PR. This is just going to mean I'm going to really have to push it on my training runs. My goal over the next couple of weeks is to run two short runs at race-pace tempo and then to run at least the last mile of my long runs at race-pace. (I realize going for two race-pace tempo runs a week may be asking for a lot for my out of shape bum but I am going for it.)


Last week's runs:
  • 4M Hike (Whatever! It counts!)
  • 3 M - 25:10/8:23
  • 3 M - 25:21/8:27
  • 3 M - 27:29/9:10 
  • 4 M - 36:23/9:06 (TM 1%)
This week's runs
  • 3 M (race-pace)
  • 4 M 
  • 3 M (race-pace)
  • 5 M 
I'll also be incorporating some core/strength training at the behest of my loving husband.

It goes without saying (but I'm sayin' it anyway) my goals will change if I feel like my pace is too easy, if I get injured, etc. But I'm really going to work to improve my time. Otherwise, I've learned that spending all that time and money training and racing just isn't as fun or fulfilling.

So let's do this! And maybe even put a 13.1 sticker on my car? (HA! Likely story.)




At March 21, 2013 at 9:31 AM , Blogger Big Momma D said...

In order to be able to put a 13.1 decal on the back of your vehicle, it must first have a stick figure family and it MUST be a mini van.


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