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35 Weeks

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

35 Weeks

35 weeks down, 5 to go! It feels so recent that I was typing out the words "30 weeks down, 10 to go."  The third trimester is definitely going by fastest of all (though I hear the last month is the slowest/worst - we'll see). This week, Baby Brez is thankfully once again the size of a recognizable piece of produce: a coconut. (Source.) If my hunger/insatiability is any indication, William could be nearly 6 pounds (or more, let's keep it real, I cannot stop eating). 

Not my best look---I could be wearing a shirt that actually fits---but sharing anyway. I mean, what are blogs for? The look is shamelessly stolen from Susan's recent outfit post. Linking up with FLAP for What I Wore Sunday. (Sweater - Target, T-Shirt - Old Navy (very clearly non-maternity), Tank - Old Navy Maternity, Skirt - Motherhood Maternity). There was a baptism at Mass today (with an awesome family we met at our baptism class, btw), where we got to see exactly how our shebang would go down, which has us so so so excited. It was also good to see one at our new parish in action, because I maybe/probably zoned out multiple times during the baptism class. (In my defense, it was from 7 to 9:00 PM, when I'm practically sleepwalking.) 

Daisy, as you know her, had to get involved in the photo shoot. 

I apologize Ace's butt is such a distinctive feature of this shot . . .
but . . . you know it makes the photo.

Will changed before I could get an outfit photo of him (he looked super cute, in my humble opinion), so I'm posting this gem as punishment. That wrinkled stinker. 

Even Ace is rolling his eyes at that outfit choice.

Pregnancy Stuff . . . 

Overall Weight Gain: 35 pounds last time I weighed myself, which was probably a while ago, but we'll just run with it. I really think I may stay within my goal of 40 pounds gained, especially if what I read is true that you stop gaining wait the last week or two. The only thing holding me back will probably be water weight as I'm starting to feel the swell. (Note in the photos above that my wedding rings are on my necklace rather than my hand!) 

Exercise: Squats and walking, but very little of each. Mea culpa. 

Cravings: Still craving the milk! Will told me I should ask our OB "if there is such a thing as too much milk." (Cause of death: MILK. ????) I've also just been hungrier and thirstier in general, which makes sense to me, considering. Put on that weight, little dude. 

  • My 35 week appointment had to be rescheduled for next week because (gasppppp - how dare he?) my doctor was delivering a baby during my appointment. Hopefully I'll have lots of exciting updates next week. 
  • I had my first painful Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday. (I've been having pretty frequent BH contractions for a few weeks, but certainly not painful ones.) I was sitting at a Christmas party gift exchange (yes, a little late, but it's a family reunion as well, so, makes sense?) and had three painful contractions in a row. I got up, started walking, and they went away. We'll see if they actually did anything at my appointment on Friday. 
  • Again, I'm starting to feel pretty swollen. My hands, wrists, and face are noticeably larger (at least to me), especially when I get hot, when I can't get my rings off. When I cool down it's fine, but---let's face it---I'm hot most of the time. It was 40 degrees outside today and could have sat outside an hour taking in the sunshine and cool (or, to the non-pregnant, cold) breeze.
  • Our due date is in exactly one month
Sibling Bump Wars:

Probably only a couple days ahead of me in this pic from last week.

We are getting close! These bump wars are soon to become birth wars. Who will be the first grandchild: MOLLY or WILLIAM? It will be a distinction our children may care about from approximately ages 5 to 8 . . . . Life changing stuff. We will know pretty soon. Alert alert alert - we are over halfway through the dreaded month of January! 

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At January 19, 2014 at 9:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omg I love love love that skirt!

At January 20, 2014 at 10:59 AM , Blogger Erika said...

You're outfit is sooo cute!


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