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Seven Quick Takes (Volume 7)

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (Volume 7)

Linking up with Grace this week for 7 Quick Takes. (Congrats to the Fulwiler family! And prayers for the new babe.)

1. Will commissions in one month! (As far as we know, he is one of three prospective law graduates commissioning in his Air Force JAG program in the whole country.) Should I change the name of this blog to Lieutenant Brez Blog? Perhaps not. I can't go running to spell check every time I want to refer to my blog.
2. We received assurances last week from some high-ups on the JAG food chain that Will will indeed go active duty in September/October 2013. The uncertainty with sequestration and DOD budget cuts really had us worried.

Unfortunately, this really puts a damper on my September Costa Rica vacay aspirations. Oh well, at least we're not saving for a trip anymore. To the Target shoe section!

Legit ran out and bought these after typing that.
3. We are going to the Heat vs. Celtics game tonight. Well, maybe, if Lebron is playing, so I can see this in person:

merp a derp derp BASKETBALL

The tickets to the game were a three years late wedding gift. Love that. Never stress about the old rule of getting a wedding gift to someone within the first year, because getting a surprise wedding gift about 2.5 years into marriage was about the coolest thing ever.

4. Time for a PUPDATE.

Don't let this happy scene fool you.

Daisy and Ace are life-ruiners lately. Stressss. Let's just say they are taking their jobs of preparing us for the rigors of children quite seriously---they've got all the bodily fluids covered (along with half the square footage of our apartment).

5. The pupdates go on for another take, my friends (channeling John McCain here, I guess). Daisy a/k/a Houdini can officially escape her crate. We don't know how she does it but we think she slithers out somehow. It's a real freakshow in the Brez household.

6. I have self-diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis. It's also what I self-diagnosed myself with four years ago when I was dealing with the same issues. I'm so smart, I know. After all, I am a doctor.

7. Have you seen the dogs in tights trend? It's like planking only weirder and funnier. Now that summer is upon us in Florida, I may have to sacrifice a pair of my winter tights for some pinups of Daisy. We're taking this blog viral.

Head over to Grace's blog for more quick takes! Oh and while you're at it, make sure you read this post. Funnier than dogs in tights. Promise.

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