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Weekend Update

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Coming at you with a recap of our weekend. I know what you're thinking. Theresa, a post all about what you did this weekend? That's right. I'm gonna tell you about all the hottest spots for nightlife in South Florida.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!"


We never even made it to the Delray Affair on Saturday. C and E (Miami friends also known on the blogosphere as Dr. and Mrs. Smartypants) came to visit! We were all so starving shortly after they arrived, so we headed to the restaurant.

Beeline to Mellow Mushroom. Yessss, bump some tunes, Will Brez!


We ordered a new stereo for our truck online and thought we'd save some ca$h by installing it ourselves. Only, we made just one tiny mistake in our installation: the speakers. Everything else worked perfectly. The pretty lights were flashing. The name of the song appeared. Even the Bluetooth could make phone calls! Just, um, no speakers. So we made due like this instead:

We all sang just like the little boy. "Nice vibrato, buddy!" Except we didn't really know any of the words . . . but I promise we all sounded just like the little boy.

The plan was to get a quick bite to eat at a place right off Atlantic and then walk on out to the fair. Easy peasy. I was at a calorie deficit for the day that I was determined to top off with some Funky Q Chicken pizza. Success. I think we all did some damage.

By the time we finished, however, all the tents were already packed up! Oops. 

On Sunday, Will and I tried the fair again, and we made it on time, but man it was SO CROWDED.

Everyone's facial expression in this photo says, "I'm hot and it's crowded."

Too many warm bodies. We brought the dogs so it was just impossible. I ended up taking the dogs off to a side road, Will ordered food, and we got out of there.

Ace remains unfazed, as usual. 

The food was amazing. We had ribs and seafood rice. It was expensive for street food, but amazing. (I was way too hot and hungry to snap a pic.) I'm pretty bummed we couldn't hang. I'm sure Saturday was less crowded and we just missed out.

Byeeee, Atlantic Ave!

No concluding thoughts. Just shutting this thing down.



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At April 9, 2013 at 2:48 PM , Blogger Kallah Oakes said...

Oh yes, Stefon. Yes yes yes yes YES.

Bill Hader you are my lovaaaaah

I saw an interview where he said that half the reason he cracks so much doing Stefon is they always change stuff on him at the last minute so he's taken totally by surprise by some of the things he has to say.

But you probably already knew that. :)


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